Dock Schedule

Giving you the ability to learn from history to plan the future.

Dock Schedule comprises smart modeling, optimized planning and live operation control with dynamic decision making.

Create an accurate detailed logistics model for dock, yard and transport activities. An intelligent Gantt model includes work breakdown structures (WBS) for truck, containers, vans, yard parking, yard moves, dock unloading and loading activities.

Configure the number and types of docks, parking bays, tugs, dock operators and gate entry and exit lanes. Features smart activity time durations: a truck unloading duration may vary depending on the dock type, truck type, quantity of cargo and operator availability.

Transport Plans
Plans for arrivals and departures are input into Dock Schedule. Support for trucks with multiple SWAP containers, deadline times for truck unloading, and constraints such as “truck X must be unloaded ‘n’ minutes before truck Y departs”.

Planning and analysis
Simulate different scenarios by adjusting parameters and transport plans. Understand the impact of adding or removing assets such as a tug. Analyze risks by simulating less operators, conveyor breakdown or transport delays for essential contingency planning.

Realistic simulation. Advanced resource leveling feature allows activities to be delayed whilst waiting for a resource to become available.

Live Scheduling
In live operations trucks arrive early or late and plans inevitably change. Our software dynamically recalculates the optimum dock work sequence with critical path logic using deadlines and truck connections.

When there is disruption to the supply chain you can be sure Levstone‘s Dock Schedule will avoid or minimize any delay with effective real-time decision making.

Dock Schedule comes with support from real engineers and designers. Getting support and getting answers shouldn’t be hard and with Levstone it never is.
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