Know your individual dock capacity.

It’s an accomplishment of engineering. LEVDOCK features a high resolution touch screen display, powerful processor, electrical connections and switches for traffic lights (and much more) plus built-in network.

Safe, fast switching of external dock traffic lights. Synchronize internal dock work with yard drivers and remote users. Direct manual control available by keyswitch.

Network connectivity (wired and wireless) enable real-time information for remote users and systems. Stay in touch with voice (VoIP) and video CCTV streaming.
Truck moves on to and off docks are supported for tug shunters, yard marshals, van and truck drivers (using Levstone “Mobile Driver” app for phones or tablets).

Auto mode offers a customized dock workflow featuring resource balancing, critical deadline time alerts, delay inefficiency triggers, truck and cargo security procedures.
It’s impressive, LEVDOCK always monitors traffic light state; even in manual keyswitch mode. Remote network users are kept up-to-date.
Picture and video playback for multilingual help and quality procedures.

Powerful but not power hungry. Average power 12w to continuously manage two docks; an effective rating of just 6w per dock.
Traditional 60w dock lights are easliy replaced by low-power LED lights (Levstone offers the LEVLIGHT at just 2w). LEVDOCK works and saves you money.