(Hub) See all sub systems as one.

Modern software tools designed to manage logistics facilities: super hub, depot, warehouse, distribution centre, sortation hub, airport, rail marshalling yard, port container terminals…  Fully integrated with LEVSTONE-Lev tools Gate, Yard, Dock, Tracking, Warehouse, Sort… for significant productivity and performance improvements.

Featured Tools:

Book-In – Manages book-in process: optimize the movement of all arrival trucks and containers. Trucks can be moved direct on to docks, directed to parking bays, quarantine or maintenance/repair area.

Mission Controller – Advanced graphical monitoring and control tool for all aspects of large busy logistic facility sites. Live display of all truck / container positions, dock operations, yard tug-shunter movement, sort-plan.

Departures – Quickly and safely manage the facility departure process. Displays the live transport departure schedules. Monitor the dock loading and security seal process. Assign trucks (including SWAP2), drivers, cabs and chassis to departure transports.

Facility Driver Mobile – Enables a mobile workflow great for managing disruption scenarios and enabling driver process management.