Mobile Appointment

MOBILE APPOINTMENT is a modern phone and tablet (and PDA) app that uses the latest technical advances to provide high-security appointment scheduling. Stay connected and work-on-the-move with no need for computers or printers. Keep in touch with contacts using SMS, email or internet and features smart alerts such as ‘soon-to-arrive’ (with location services enabled). Work alone or work as a group and share appointments with others.

LEVSTONE use the latest HTML5 technology standards together with secure sockets to provide secure encrypted mobile communications and local data storage allows fast direct access to information with or without network connections. The app seamlessly uses cell networks and WIFI to synchronise data. Smart alert settings allow live updates to be silenced or disabled if the user is in a moving vehicle. Reliably keep in touch with remote workforce; a user can quickly authenticate and continue to work from another phone.

The companion app MOBILE WORKER features a series of powerful business specific plug-ins for specialization and individualization.

Premium features: record signatures on a touchscreen and use camera phones to capture documents, photos, video clips and as a barcode reader. Dynamically organize and schedule workflow based on location and progress for optimum productivity and performance. Save time, balance resource utilisation, avoid unnecessary trips, minimise mileage and fuel costs and measure and reduce your carbon footprint.

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