Mobile Courier

Today’s successful couriers offer customers speed, security, tracking, signature, specialization and individualization. COURIER is a mobile phone and tablet app from Levstone that provides all these premium features for managing collection, transport and delivery.

Proof-of-Pickup and Proof-of-Delivery record signatures on a touchscreen and use a camera phone to capture documents, photos, video clips and as a barcode reader. Live tracking services (GPS and phone networks) record pickup, route, delivery and smart alerts such as ‘soon-to-arrive’.

Work alone or work as a group. Work-on-the-move and stay connected with office administrators, couriers and customers. Quickly agree new jobs, share and assign work, monitor progress of all workers and immediate online invoice. Choose which services a customer receives and how to communicate: SMS text messages, email or internet.

Incident Management detects and efficiently resolves problems such as delays, damaged goods or no person available at the collection or delivery address.

Advanced COURIER features optimize the schedule and assignment of job tasks (pickups, deliveries, etc.) for users to minimise mileage and fuel costs, balance resource utilisation and achieve the swiftest deliveries for customers.

  • Speed:
    • New jobs quickly created by customer or courier on the internet or mobile phone. Ensure all address and contact details, times and service options are clearly defined and agreed. Enables the courier to manage existing and new jobs while on-the-go.
    • Customer flexibility to add or modify job details; perhaps the delivery address or recipients name needs to be amended. Job changes instantly appear on Courier Lev as an alert with options to acknowledge or for major changes to accept subject to a price adjustment. Job change-control handled speedily and efficiently and provides customer with an assurance the courier is aware of the up-to-date job requirements.
    • The Customer (and interested parties such as the sender and recipient) can clearly see when the courier is nearby to a pickup or delivery point. Accurate live data helps people prepare and be ready to assist the courier.
  • Tracking
    • Configurable list of tracking points. For example: ‘Job Started’; ‘Enroute to Pickup’, ‘Near to Pickup’, ‘Waiting at Pickup’, ‘Pickup in progress’, ‘Pickup complete’, ‘Enroute to Delivery’ …
    • Courier Lev mobile phone app has an option to perform automatic live location tracking. Tracking is accurate and reliable, using multiple phone technologies GPS, WIFI and regular cell networks. Customers have instant live access to the courier location on an internet map.
    • Extra integrity through combining tracking events with live location position (GPS). For example: ‘waiting at pickup’ must have a correct GPS location (longitude, latitude and distance from pickup address).
  • Security
    • Proof-of-Pickup, Proof-of-Delivery and Guaranteed Delivery using mobile phone features: barcode scanner, camera photos and video clips, tracking GPS location, and recording signatures on the touchscreen.
    • Live location tracking shows the exact route taken by the courier.
    • In areas with poor phone reception the app will continue to capture satellite GPS positions and store this data until a phone signal is re-established.
    • Advanced security features automatic alerts, for example: courier stationary (not moving), courier wrong route …
  • Customization
    • Customize the list of tracking points. For example ‘Pickup complete’ can be edited to (say) ‘Departed from Depot’ or ‘Collected from Airport’ or any other phrase in any language.
    • Multiple Job settings. ‘Split Jobs’ allows the task ‘Pickup’ and ‘Deliver’ to be separated with other jobs, for example a courier can schedule multiple ‘Pickups’ for different jobs in the morning and then in the afternoon do the delivery tasks for these jobs.
  • Managing Jobs (or multiple jobs)
    • Job Types
      • Swift Direct Job: a single ‘pickup’ followed by immediate and direct transport to a single ‘delivery’ address.
      • Optimized Direct Job: The courier activities optimized for example perform several pickup tasks before proceeding to do the deliveries. The pickup and delivery is performed by a single courier, i.e. items and consignments are not taken to an intermediary warehouse for consolidation.
      • Consolidated Job: The courier performs multiple pickups and delivers items to a warehouse location for consolidation.
      • Courier mode will need to be assigned for ‘pickup only’, ‘collection only’, or ‘mixed’.
      • Multiple Delivery Job: Courier typically starts at a depot and picks up multiple items for delivery.
        This is multiple jobs but all the pickups are consolidated together.
    • Job Allocation.
  • Manage Problems and Avoid Disputes
    • Job Details – the scope of work is clearly defined and any changes mutually agreed.
    • Sender Pickup Empty – Courier Lev records GPS tracking and phone camera and video to prove the courier was at the correct location at the correct time. Option to send Customer an automatic alert.
    • Damage at Pickup – Courier Lev records damage and combines phone camera and video. Send Customer instant alert with photos. With time and tracking location it proves the damage was existing.
    • Item Specification – A dramatic difference between the agreed (say) weight or volume can have a major implication. Courier Lev records the problem and combines with phone camera and video. Send customer an instant alert with supporting photos.
    • Recipient Delivery Empty – Courier Lev records GPS tracking and phone camera and video to prove the courier was at the correct location at the correct time. Option to send Customer an automatic alert.
    • Avoid legal disputes – job details, job changes, tracking with GPS location, phone camera photos, video are all stored to provide clear change control and proof of service.
The application has three modes:
    • Agent – the driver or courier assigned jobs to collect and/or deliver items. Agents are given up-to-the-minute live accurate infoamtion and can use the mobile phone to report GPS position, confirm job status (waiting at pickup, pickup complete, en route …) and provide quality excellance with barcode and camera and customer digital signatures for fast proof-of-delivery and managing damaged items.
      • Proof of collection
      • Proof of delivery
    • Agent Group – Allows multiple agents to work together seamlessly. Provides features for automatic job assignment (for example by location, balanced workload, customer preference …).
      • Driver / Courier allocation
      • Scheduling
      • Fast accurate invoice
    • Customer – Create jobs to pickup item(s) from a collection (departure) point and deliver to a delivery (arrival) point. Job details include addresses, gps locations, contact details, pickup and delivery special instructions (signature required …).
      • Job Booking
      • Job Monitoring

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