Mobile Worker: Property Maintenance

Market specific mobile phone plug-in for scheduling, managing and monitoring property maintenance and repairs with mobile workers.

MOBILE WORKER (refer) features a modern flexible data model to configure, schedule and monitor business objects: customer; project job; component tasks; resource; agency; agent; site and vehicle (mileage, GPS location tracking and driver behaviour).

Plug-in has specialization Property Maintenance features:

  • Customers: Tenant and Landlord
  • Jobs: Assessment, Inspection, Corrective Repairs, Preventative Maintenance
  • Component Tasks:
    • Assigned labour skills (joinery, electrical, gas, …) and material resource.
    • Connected business logic. Example, gas tasks require test and certification.
  • Agency: Department, County, Council, Profit Center or geographical area.
  • Sites: Tenant addresses, depot stores, home locations.
  • Agent: direct worker or contractor with labour skills, job history.
  • Stores: in-vehicle, remote (home) or depot.
    • Imprest Stock with automatic smart alerts for replenishment.
  • Scheduling: Settings to dedicate or exclude an agent from specific agency, customer or job types.

Preferences for balance resource utilisation, minimise trips, minimise mileage and carbon footprint.
Record signatures on a touchscreen and use camera phones to capture documents, photos, video clips or as a barcode reader for stock materials.

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