Trusted Elderly Care

Help families and carers to care for and remotely support the health and wellbeing of an elderly person

Beautiful new family app

for caring and sharing

Create daily tasks to help organise the people you care for.

Lets you see when they do it or if they forget.

Organise your loved ones with daily reminders

Easily share care needs with a single click

Helps you to look after your family

Help a senior person to feel loved and cared for, to feel in touch with their family so they are less lonely and isolated, to improve their ability to self-care, and maintain their independence.

See and feel connected

to everyone in your group.

Receive live notifications throughout the day – helps people to look after and safeguard each other.

Helps keep a family safe and together

The only app that gives you automatic family news using multiple built-in phone sensors

See your loved one

– Health
– Wellbeing
– Caring
– Togetherness

App measures physical activity

– A family can monitor and support each other

Moderate physical activity improves health

Motion sensor

Lets you see when loved one wakes-up

Daily Routine

Take your medicine reminder

App notifications

“Grandson left school”
“Daughter arrive home”
“Son phone low battery”

Click your care needs…

App lets you know when a loved one charges their phone battery…

– See if they remember to keep it charged

– lets you know when they go to bed

Join carers and family together

See what your family are doing

app helps you to stay in touch

Helps a loved one to show what they need

Family and carers are automatically notified

Photo phonebook

Easy way to make phone calls

Helps to organise your family and care group

Safely share a list of phone numbers, webpages, places…

Automatically synchronised to stay up-to-date

Panic Button

Alert all the family

+ temperature sensor
Lets you see if a loved one is too hot/cold


See if a loved one is struggling with mobility

Detect when a person goes up or down stairs, leaves bedroom…

Download today and ask your family to join you