Mission critical software runs 24x7x365 – no unscheduled stoppages in 10 years – highest reliability

Superhub Paris France – 127 docks, 500,000 parcels in 24 hours

Logistics SuperHub 140 docks

Modular software: Transport Plan, Gate (arrival/departure), Yard Management System (YMS), High-speed Dock operations, Parcel Sorter machine, android apps (Wi-Fi, mobile networks) for Tug (Shunter), drivers, supervisors…

Yard Management System



Optimise tug / shunter

Dock Supervisor

– Traffic Light
– Camera
– Sorter
– Yard YMS

Dock Supervisor

Optimise truck loading and unloading

Truck – Van driver app

Control yard parking and moves on/off dock

Improve dock performance

Proven design works 24/7 for 10 years

GPS tracking with solar power for vehicles or containers

Logistics software

– Warehouse
– Distribution
– Depot
– Hub