Make it easier for citizens to ask for help and feel cared for and looked after.

Designed to help helpers to organise and manage tasks, phone calls, household visits…

Survey conducted in September 2020

Multi Cultural: Luton has 40% BAME population.
The survey was posted & collected by hand in the following streets:

• St Pauls Street, South Luton (Post code LU1 Lower BAME <10% )
• Rondini Avenue, Biscot Area (Post Code LU3 High BAME at least 40%+)

Rural Shire Village: Halton, Buckinghamshire (<5% BAME population)

Key Stats:

Luton and Halton both have digital services usage around 72%, however when you compare the use of Gov Services to get help: A person from Halton is four times more likely to use UKGov digital services than somebody from Luton.

Helpers in Halton were at least 70% Female, whereas in Luton they were at least 75% male.

Several helpers in Halton (40%) did not know the person before the COVID-19 lockdowns, whereas in Luton all helpers already knew their client.

More stats available on request…


Helps volunteers and helpers – who to visit

List of household/streets for a helper and volunteer to care for and look after

Share your virus status

See your helpers

Setup help tasks

See useful phone and websites