Help families and carers to care for and support the health and wellbeing of an elderly person.

Help a senior person to feel loved and cared for, to feel in touch with their family so they are less lonely and isolated, to improve their ability to self-care, and maintain their independence.

Self Care

Support for families and communities to care for their loved ones. Helping to manage everyday activities. There’s no place like home.


A tool to support our ageing population to live more independently & to lead more active lives, improving their quality of life.


Elderly people with deteriorating independence are associated with increasing hospital admissions, care costs, as well as placement in care homes.

Help Us Research

Levstone are looking to work with health, social care and academic institutions to:
help improve our digital health intervention; help with how to target and deploy; and to measure, and evaluate the effectiveness of ‘Trusted Elderly Care’.

Such research will also contribute to the actionable knowledge base (of up-to-date digital advancements in user interface and immersive user experience) to help commissioners of health services to identify the most effective, cost-effective, safe, and scalable interventions.